Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011.

Hello Hello :)
How was your first week of March? It was great here in B-town. I hit my nine month mark this week! It has been so much fun being in a triple. Sister Worley is so funny and also an amazing missionary. She is so understanding and loving. I'm grateful for my companions. We went to that interfaith conference that I mentioned in my last e-mail. Honestly, we didn't really do much. Most of the women there were Muslim and it was neat to talk to some of them. They are all beautiful. Some of them took Book of Mormons and there is a YSA age girl who wants to come to church! We heard different views about marriage from Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. There was good food after too (of course I would mention that!). It was a neat experience.
Paige came to church again this week! We taught her last week and the lesson went really well. The Spirit was present in the room. We tried to set her for a date for baptism, but she said no. Her fellowshipper later told us that it scared her when we did that. It's hard to know how to help people sometimes and resolve their concerns. We will be teaching her tonight before Family Home Evening. We met six of the sister missionaries from the other mission before church and it was fun to see the sisters we could possibly serve with in the future, when the missions combine in July!
Hmm...this is probably my shortest e-mail ever. We have been working closely with President Brower this week to get help for a friend, so that has taken up the majority of our time. I am excited to work hard this week and find more people to teach. Oh yeah, I had stake choir practice last night and it was really fun. We are singing some great songs and it makes me so happy to be in a choir again. It is probably the best church choir I have ever heard. I played football for sports again this morning. I caught the winning touchdown pass from clear across the gym (the person throwing it was actually on the BYU football team before his mission). It was pretty neat. I have been reading the Ensign each month and it has been really rewarding. I find that so many of the articles are writting for me :). There are great lessons to learn from our leaders in the Church. I am so grateful for a prophet on the earth today and for the guidance and counsel we receive from God through them. Revelation has not ceased. Our Father has loads of knowledge to give us if we will but listen! I am looking forward to General Conference in a few weeks!
Have a wonderful week :) Know that I love you all so much. Keep strengthening your faith and your relationships. Choose to be happy! I am grateful for my Savior who has provided the way for us all to return to our Father.
Sister Barton :)

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