Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011.

Hello Hello!

Wow, this transfer is already flying by! First of all, I will tell some news that I just got as I logged onto my e-mail this morning. In June this year, the Toronto East and West missions will reunite as they were decades ago! Crazy, eh? So President Brower will be the mission president for the Canada Toronto Mission! That means I may have the opportunity to serve in the actual city of Toronto and the eastern part of Ontario! That will be a fun change for the last six months or so of my mission. For now, I will soak in my West Mission :) (I'm not too fond of change haha).

Yesterday we had ward conference and it was so great! I prayed for Heavenly Father to teach me from on high and to learn from the Spirit as I listened to others speak. It was a great Sabbath day. The sun was shining. We had a baptism after church for an investigator that the assistants were teaching from Brampton. His name is Kevin and he is so amazing. His friend from school inviteed him to learn from the missionaries and just a few weeks later, Kevin was baptized! He told me after "I feel good. I feel good." The gospel truly does bring joy. Sister Brack and I wore matching sweaters to church that we bought last week. It was pretty cool ;D

We taught a guy named Sagar from India last night and we will be meeting with him again on Saturday. We teach many lessons on the street, but are just struggling with finding new investigators. We have new resolutions to work even harder this week and to strive each day to be exactly obedient. I know that the Lord will bless us. It's His promise, as given in D&C 82:10.

I have also attached a picture of me praying with my friend Penelope, Penny for short.

She was given to me from a member and great friend in London. Penelope likes to pray with me. Sister Olsen was given a frog and named him Hamlet. Fun facts about the life of a missionary:) (don't judge the doggie paw pajamas!).

Anyway, I love being a missionary. I am grateful to be serving in this part of the Lord's vineyard, which is soon to be a lot bigger in June. Thank you for your support and testimonies. I know that God lives. Christ will help us if we will but open our hearts and let Him in. Have a wonderful week! Pray and seek for missionary opportunities! I love you all!
Sister Barton :)

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