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December 28, 2010.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hello friends and family! How is everyone? How was your Christmas? It truly is the best time of year (minus the cold and the dirty snow all over). I highly enjoyed the week and celebrations. I had a special Christmas Zone Conference in London (Ontario) on Tuesday. Half of the mission was there, including Sister Lavatai and Sister Olsen. We ate a nice lunch, took pictures, played Preach My Gospel Jeopardy, watched "Joseph: Prophet of the Restoration," sang songs, and heard testimonies. It was an amazing day, full of the Spirit.
The next few days it was back to work. We taught a new investigator named Julian (from France) about the Restoration. We sat down and a siamese cat walked in. Then another one jumped on the banister. Then ANOTHER one came in! I felt as if I was in the Disney movie "Lady and the Tramp." Of course...they were crawling all over me - the one who doesn't like cats! I started sneezing in the lesson because I'm allergic to cats. I must have sneezed about ten times before Julian asked if I was allergic. It was pretty funny. I guess even the cats can feel the spirit because they wouldn't leave me alone haha. I love funny mission experiences.
Christmas morning we were allowed to sleep in until 7:30 am (some would say that's the best present ever), but of course, I woke up about 6:45 am because I wanted to get some stuff done. I wrote a couple of letters and then decided to make pancakes for my companions when they woke up. We ate a yummy breakfast and then opened our presents. I guess most of my Christmas packages didn't even come yet, so I have some to look forward to. It is fun to see anyone get letters or presents on a mission, even if they aren't for me. I love seeing others' joy. The day was full of many phone calls, since we all had two families to call. It was so wonderful to speak to my family. I love my family. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to have so many amazing people in my life that I can love. Each one of them has influenced my life in a way that no other could. I will be forever grateful. I started reading the New Testament and am excited to learn more about my Savior. I also have enjoyed some crocheting in my extra time inside over the holidays!
Christmas dinner was pretty good. It's a little different when serving in a YSA ward because we don't really know the families in the area that are members. We all just learned together and had some good laughs. Church the next day was great. We didn't have our YSA branch meetings, but we joined a family ward.
Last night I got a call from one of the assistants to the president. It was a somewhat expected call, but it was still bitter sweet. My trainer, Sister Lavatai has been serving in London with Sister Olsen and has been very sick for a couple of months now. She has lots of food allergies and something has changed in her that has made her sick all day everyday. She was supposed to go home in mid-January but is now going home tomorrow so she can start getting better. I received a transfer call last night and was informed that I will be going to serve in LONDON with Sister Olsen for the next three weeks! I served with Sister Olsen for a couple of days during the first leadership training conference and learned more in two days than I had in two months. She is a very good missionary. I'm not quite sure what to expect, but I want to go into the situation completely positive and ready to learn. I have much to learn from her and I have already received a witness that this was planned out by Heavenly Father. I am excited to grow and to invite others to come unto Christ! The transfer ends in three weeks and I'm not positive where I will be, so continue sending your letters to Brampton. I am sad to leave my current companions but excited for what is in store!
You are all amazing. You are full of light. Look for opportunities to serve others. Study the life and teachings of the Savior. Show gratitude to others and most of all to your Father in Heaven. I love you all!
Sister Barton :)

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