Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011.

So much to write!!!!

Oh dear. I have too much to write. I shall just take this a step at a time :D. This week was so great. I had some of my most challenging times on my mission and had to rely on Heavenly Father more than ever. Tuesday morning, Sister Olsen and I drove to Kitchener for Leadership Training. It was so good to see my sisters and other missionaries. The Spirit is always strong in those meetings and I am so grateful. Tuesday night came the big trial. I later learned from somebody that the drive between Kitchener and London is the scariest drive in Ontario. About twenty minutes into the drive (it was night time and Sister Olsen was driving), the roads got pretty bad. They weren't really wet, but there are these little clouds on the roads in Canada. The air is so cold that it is frozen and it passes across the road like clouds, making it near impossible to see. We drive a Cobalt and do NOT have winter tires. As we drove the rest of the way to London, about two hours, we were overcome by two opposing feelings. Fear and worry were present and I tried to calm the situation by speaking positively. I prayed outloud throughout the whole car ride. Sister Olsen was amazing. There really are no words to express what transpired that night. It was one of the hardest few hours of my whole life. When we finally arrived home, I ran onto my bed and sobbed. I felt like the people in Lehi's dream of the tree of life. Nephi says in 1 Nephi 8:30: But, to be short in writing, behold, he saw other multitudes pressing forward; and they came and caught hold of the end of the rod of iron; and they did press their way forward, continually holding fast to the rod of iron, until they came forth and fell down and partook of the fruit of the tree. Picture the people who were just on this scary journey of darkness. They fell down once they were on safe ground. Have you ever been hiking or near a cliff and once you were finally completely safe, you just wanted to hug the ground? That was the feeling. Anyway, the next day we were very prayerful about going back to Kitchener. I felt that is was okay to drive there, but I did not want to drive home in the dark. President allowed us to stay in Kitchener overnight and drive home in the morning. I would write more about Leadership conference, but I don't have enough time.

The main event that happened this week was transfer calls last night. All of the sisters were calling each other trying to figure out what was going on. It was finally 10:30 pm and I was still unsure about what was happening. Earlier, I had thought that I was for sure going to stay in London with Sister Olsen and I was SO happy about that plan. Well, what do you of the AP's called (assistants to the president) about 10:35 pm. I AM TRAINING!!!!!!!!!! I am going back to Brampton YSA to train the new sister from England! President Brower told me this at the beginning of last transfer but with some changes that happened (only one sister coming instead of the two that were planned to come), I thought I might stay in London. President often says "a mission is mortality." It's true. There are so many changes on a mission and it just prepares one for more changes to come in life! I am so grateful for this opportunity to work with one of Heavenly Father's amazing daughters and to start her off on this amazing journey. The Lord has been preparing me and I know that as I turn to Him, all will be well. I'm excited for more stories to come :) More than anything, I am sad to leave SIster Olsen. I love her with my whole heart. We have been through a lot together and Heavenly Father loved us so much to allow us these three short weeks to be companions. Isn't life great? I wish I could write more, but just know that I love my Savior. He is why I am here. He will never fail us. Have a wonderful week :)

Sister Barton :)

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