Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011.

Happy New Transfer to Me :)
Today starts a new transfer and I am SO happy to still be here in Burlington and with Sister Yi. I would have cried all night if I was transferred. Today is also my little brother Jesse's SIXTH birthday! I cannot believe how fast he is growing. This e-mail might be random, but there is a lot that I want to say. First of all, it was a very hot week and the temperature on Thursday was incredible. It was nearly 48 C or 120 F with humidity! Crazy, eh? I was happy to have interviews that day and to do weekly planning so I was inside most of the day, but it was very hot. I am grateful for sunscreen and water!
Hmm..I just realized that I forgot my planner from the transfer that just ended, so now I don't have my reference for what happened last week. Well, I will just begin with the two most exciting events that happened: the baptisms of Andris and Carey!!!! Andris' baptism was on Saturday evening and it was so amazing. The Spirit was so strong. I was blessed to be able to give a short talk on baptism and then sing a musical number. We were so worried that Andris would have a hard time getting all the way under the water because he is very tall, but our ward mission leader rigged the overflow so we could fill the font an extra ~5 inches haha. It was great. Andris was so happy and many people attended. He was confirmed in church yesterday and is now a member of the true Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! He is very special to Heavenly Father and his spirit will only grow from here!

Carey was baptized yesterday after church and it was a miracle because her mom decided last minute to come :) I was so happy because I know how much it meant to Carey. Her husband, Vigjay baptized her and they were both so happy. I was also blessed to sing at her baptism and to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. I found out I was giving the talk right before church and had to prepare quickly :) There were many who attended Carey's baptism as well and she is becoming great friends with the ward members. I am grateful for our friendship and for her ability to recognize the Spirit. She has a strong desire to do what is right and that is what will ultimately lead her back to Heavenly Father's presence!

Thursday we had interviews in Hamilton and had some instruction from our leaders. It was my last interview with President Brower, but I will see him again before he and Sister Brower leave. They got an extension, so they won't be leaving until around September now! I am grateful for all that they do.
We met with Brian this week, who is now our only investigator, and he still has a strong desire to be baptized. He had mis-read something in the Book of Mormon a couple of weeks ago and it led him to put the book down and not pick it up again. I cleared up his misunderstanding and told him I was very grateful for his desire to follow the Spirit. He doesn't want to read anything or go to a church that will take him away from God. The High Council Leader gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting and said something that made me think of Brian. He said "We don't teach to bring people to church, we teach to bring souls to Christ!" That is so true. The Church was organized by Christ himself as a means of progressing toward Him and becoming like Him.
Have a wonderful week this week. I am so happy for two of my best friends, Alex who is leaving on her mission in two days, and Hannah who is getting married this week. I am so happy for you both! Thank you everyone for all that you do for me :) I love you all!
Sister Barton :)

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