Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011.

Happy Mother's Day Yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a beautiful day here and it was so great to celebrate Mother's Day at church. All of the women were given chocolate rose suckers. I spent most of the day sick in bed, but was very happy I got to call my dad and Heather. I will call my mom and Bill next week when they are home. I talked to my little brother first and he is so funny. He is getting so big. Then I talked to Heather and my dad, which was so great. I love my family.
This week start off interestingly :). We had a lesson Monday night and the family had a pet bunny. I would hold the bunny throughout our visit because she was really cute. The mom told us that she trained the bunny to go to the bathroom in the bathtub and they have never had a problem with accidents. Well, I witnessed the first. I picked the bunny up and was holding her on my lap, not letting her go (which obviously made her mad), and all of the sudden I felt something really hot in my lap. The bunny PEED on me! It was so gross. Everyone was laughing SO hard. I went into the bathroom and the mom was rinsing out my skirt with the shower head, which she could barely do because she was bent over laughing on the floor. It was a good thing that was our last appointment of the night. Lesson learned: don't hold pets, no matter how cute and innocent they look.
I had a district meeting on my birthday (Friday), so we were off to Hamilton in the morning. Some of the elders made cupcakes and had a candle that sang "Happy Birthday" when they lit it up. I got mail too, which was great. The biggest miracle of the day happened in the evening. First of all, in the morning, I had gotten a birthday phone call from a member here who said maybe we could go over there for dinner. Well, the evening came and while Sister Cheng and I normally would have left for dinner at home around 4:45 pm, we just kept tracting to see if the member would call. We knocked on a certain door at about 5:00 pm and a little boy answered. We gave him a card to give his mom (he said his mom couldn't come to the door or something like that - I don't remember). Not thinking anything of it, we were on to the next house. At 5:09 pm we got a phone call from a woman named Jillian whose house we had just knocked on. She said her son gave her the card and she just wanted to thank us for coming by. She said that she is disabled and her son is sick. It gave her such an uplift to hear something about Christ. We set up an appointment to meet with her on Wednesday this week and I am very excited! This is why I write our phone number on every card. Even if only one out of 100 people call us back, it is worth it! I have been praying for Jillian ever since our phone call and am excited to meet with her this week.
Another miracle of the week happened minutes before a member appointment. We only had about five minutes and were trying to decide if the street had already been tracted. We decided to do a couple of houses on the side that had least-likely been done and we found a great woman at the second door! We couldn't set up a time to meet with her but we got her phone number and were able to give her the Book of Mormon. We will call her soon and check up on her reading, then set up an appointment.
I am very excited for Zone Conference in Kitchener tomorrow. I have had a great week full of the scriptures. As I said before, I am reading the New Testament as I eat breakfast and have now started reading the Doctrine and Covenants during my breaks. I will finish both books before I go home and hopefully will finish the Book of Mormon two more times. I love the word of God! There is much to learn from it :) Have a great week and continue to share your light with others!
Love you all!
Sister Barton :)

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