Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011.

Happy Family Day yesterday!

It was Family Day here in Canada (hence the reason I didn't e-mail yesterday). It was so neat to see families all outside ice skating. Much of the city was closed. I think this should be a holiday in America. After all, family is pretty much the best thing ever invented ;). I love my family and am blessed to have so many people to be with.

The weather has been up and down this week. On Thursday, it was +9 degrees C (48.2 F) and I thought it was a nice summer day! The only problem was the tornado wind! It is so windy in Brampton. Today it is -14 C (6.8 F), so it's absolutely freezing. Winter is more than halfway over though! I hear that March is a lot like February here.

I can't think of any experience in particular this week. I had many good lessons with investigators and members. Shantel, who we have taught twice now, found out some unexpected news. She had been sick for a couple weeks so she kept cancelling appointments. Well, when we went to teach her on Saturday, she told us that she is pregnant! She is 18 years old and her boyfriend is 17 years old and they are both in high school. Although it was a shock, when you think about it, this is the perfect time for her to learn about the gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families! I know that to be true. It has blessed me personally with the ability to love more and have gratitude for my loved ones. That's something I have been thinking about lately. I don't think I would have ever realized how immensely I love and appreciate my family. I think a lot of it is because I am away and so I realize what I miss.

Rina, the older woman we are teaching, went to church for the second time on Sunday and is doing so well! We are teaching her today with a senior missionary couple and will be passing her off to the elders. She has already read nearly half of the Book of Mormon and is full of so much faith. She prays constantly and is doing all she can to get an answer from Heavenly Father to know if this is the true church. I know that she will receive that answer, as promised by Moroni and the Lord. I finished the Book of Mormon this morning in personal study. It is the greatest book ever. I am going to start it again tomorrow with a new copy (the blue missionary ones we give to people) and with a new marking system. I know I will learn a lot as I rely on the Spirit to teach me. I read an article in this month's Ensign this morning called "Revelation: Pouring Down from Heaven," and in it, the author says: "A testimony grows line upon line, but it doesn't have to be a slow process. There is a flood of revelation available." I know this is true. We learn little by little, but we can also learn quickly as we master each principle we learn.

It is the last week of this transfer already! Can you believe it? I am almost positive Sister Brack and I will both stay in Brampton another transfer, so there probably won't be news about that next week. I got permission to be in the stake choir for stake conference and we are singing some great songs. I am so grateful for each of you in my life, family and friends! Each of you has divine worth. This week, pray for and act upon an opportunity to share your testimony with someone, serve someone, invite someone to learn from the missionaries, etc. We truly are blessed as we come unto Him who made life possible!

I love you all!
Sister Barton :)

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