Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 3, 2010.

Happy August!!!!

How is everyone? I finished my first transfer in the mission field!!! Wahoo :) Sister Lavatai and I were ecstatic when we didn't get a transfer call! We will both be staying in North Bay for another transfer! Okay, here are a few highlights of my week :)

I spent last P-day sewing a prayer pillow. My knees got callouses on them from praying on our hardwood floors and everytime I prayed I was in pain. I decided to put my crafty talents to work and team up with Sister Jenner Jr. to sew a pillow that I could kneel on when I pray. Brother Jenner makes fun of me almost everyday for it, but I don't care. I love to pray and I love my pillow! The best part about it is that I can take the cover off of it and wash it! :)

I had "supper" at a member's house out in the middle of nowhere. Before we ate, Sister Lavatai and I got bowls and went out to the long driveway to pick wild raspberries. They were so tiny and delicious! It was super fun, except for the part where the electric fence shocked me and I almost threw my whole bowl of raspberries in the air! On the way home, we saw something in the middle of the road, so we slowed down. As we approached it, we thought "Oh, it's a Beaver." To our surprise, we looked closer to find it was a HUGE turtle walking across the dirt road! I swear it was an endangered dinosaur turtle or something. It had a huge long tail with spikes on it like a stegosaurus. It was amazing. We didn't have our cameras (we learned our lesson to always have our cameras) so we tried to take a picture with our phone. It was so great.

We got FOUR new investigators this week!!! We met Nancy and Marshall on the street and made an appointment. We taught them and they were very receptive. Marshall says he's a Jehovah's Witness, but I don't think he is. Maybe he grew up that way, but doesn't practice or something. I grew a love for Nancy the moment I met her. I'm excited to go back and teach them about the Plan of Salvation. Later in the week we contacted Marley and Charles. We taught them a couple days later and it was great. They are 17 and 18 years old and were excited to read the Book of Mormon. Pierrette gets baptized on SATURDAY!!!!! I am SO happy for her. Sister Lavatai and I taught her last night about the gift of the Holy Ghost, which she will receive on Sunday. She is an amazing woman and I can't wait to e-mail all about her baptism next week.

I had an experience that was much different than any I've had before. Sister L. and I were walking down the street and a man yelled "Sisters!" We turned around and he walked across the street to us. His name was Sam. We could tell right away that his main purpose was to argue with us. We started talking about certain doctrines and he told us he wouldn't listen if we used the Book of Mormon. His theories were confusing and he didn't understand the Bible, even though he thought he knew it. He didn't believe we were spirits before we came to this earth and he thought it was blasphemy that we can become like God. He called the fall of Adam and Eve a "fail." We tried to teach plainly and testified. At one point, I testified for over a minute straight. I could feel the Spirit speaking through me. I was given the words to say and they came out with much power. I testified that our Heavenly Father loves us and we can most certianly become as He is. That is the purpose of this life! The fall of Adam and Eve was necessary and without it, we would not be here and there would be no progression. This was an experience where Satan tried to shake my testimony, and instead, I found it only became stronger. When we are built upon the Rock, who is Christ, we have a sure foundation. We cannot and will not fall! I know that as we come to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his marvelous Atonement, we will come to realize the elect, amazing children of God that we are! We are all divine. Turn to the Lord. Pray often and sincerely. I am so grateful for this life to prepare to meet my God again. I love Him :) I love YOU! Have a fantastic week and know that I am praying for you!

Oh, right....WAY EXCITING NEWS!!!!! I just got an e-mail from my mission president saying that Sister Lavatai and I have been invited to the Leadership Training Conference in Brampton NEXT WEEK!!!!! AHHH!!!! We are SO excited. That means we will drive down to Brampton (4 hours) and stay for three days having one-on-one training with the Mission President. We will work all over Brampton applying what we learn each day. I am SO excited.

Sister Barton :)

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