Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 23, 2010.

Dearest Friends and Family :)
Aloha! How is everyone? I hope you are all doing really well and enjoying life. It is so fun to hear from family and others what has been going on this summer. I never thought my love for each of you would increase so much as we have been apart. My week was much different than any other, mostly because Sister Lavatai and I have been sick for much of it. She got sick starting Thursday night and all day Friday, so I just read the Ensign, scriptures, rested, etc. Then Saturday I got super sick. I tried to tell myself I could keep tracting and push myself, but eventually, I told Sister Lavatai I needed to go home. That began over two hours of extreme stomach pain in bed. At one point I wanted to go to the hospital, but I just prayed and prayed. The Jenner family, who live below me, came up around 6:30 pm and Brother Jenner gave me a blessing. The power of prayer is real and the priesthood power truly is the power of God. I began to feel a little bit better after the blessing and lots of prayers. It was just a stomach bug of some kind. Sister Lavatai and I were both able to go to church yesterday, but the rest of the day we remained at home, resting (except for teaching Nancy). It's funny how I can still feel tired after a weekend full of sleeping! It will be nice to begin doing missionary work again!!!
We are still working with Jenn to set a solid baptismal date. It will be sometime next month, probably the 25th, but it is yet to be determined. Nancy's date will probably have to be pushed back to sometime in October because she hasn't been able to come to church yet. Sister Lavatai and I met a lady named Kelly on Wednesday. We went back to her house Thursday to teach her. We were about halfway through with teaching her about the Restoration of the Gospel when she said that her mom had her baptized into the "mormon church" when she was little. It was so random. She said that she has no recollection of her baptism and just found out about it two years ago (she is now a mom with four kids). She doesn't know anything about the Church and doesn't even really know the nature of God. Sister Lavatai and I are going to try and find her records and continue teaching her. It's a strange situation. She has a daughter that is 12 and really into religions. She is trying to find one likes. Lucky her...we know the one! Each day I am here, I am more and more grateful for the knowledge that in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have the truth! It is God's kingdom on the earth again and we have evidence through the Book of Mormon. Anyone who reads it and sincerely prays about it with real intent (meaning they intend to act on the answer they receive), will know that it is true. It is the ONLY way! The plan of salvation is perfect.
Well, sorry if my e-mails are scattered and random haha. That's just how it goes with a time limit. I hope you are all enjoying life and showing gratitude for the beautiful earth we live on! I love you all and am excited to hear from you and talk to you soon!!!
Sister Barton

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