Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 8, 2011.

Hello loved ones!
Another week has passed and it was a great one. We had district meeting on Wednesday and Sister Yi and I taught about revelation through church attendance. I also shared the spiritual thought. On Friday, Elder Ward and I practiced our song for Zone Conference again and that was really fun. We were very prepared so when we actually sang it in zone conference, there was nothing to fear. So it is with life...when we are prepared, we can go forward in confidence and strength.
We had a lesson with Nyari on Friday and it was kind of awkward. I was the only one that talked because we didn't prepare enough for the lesson and Sister Yi didn't talk when I looked at her to do so. I definitely want to prepare more for her next lesson. She said she would come to church yesterday and then she didn't. I'm not sure why but will call her soon. We haven't spoken to Brian for about a week but we have been praying for him each day and hoping he will continue to have the faith to meet with us.
Zone Conference was amazing. We carpooled there with a few elders and I didn't have to drive, which was nice :) We went to London, ON, which is about 1 1/2 hours from Burlington. In Conference, we really focused on the role of the Spirit in missionary work. Since then, I have really counseled with myself and Heavenly Father about how I can be more consecrated and focused. It may seem like four months is still a long time, but if I don't make changes now then it will soon be over and I will not have become all that I can truly become through Christ.
Sister Yi and I got out of the car to begin tracting yesterday and I opened the trunk to get out a Book of Mormon. We were both trying to shut the trunk and tragically, her pinky finger got shut in the trunk. I hurried to push the trunk button to open it. Her nail was purple and immediately started bleeding, which is really good actually because then the pressure didn't build up in her finger. I held her close as we held her finger up in a napkin and she shed some tears. She was SO brave and amazing. She barely made a peep. I'm sure I would have screamed. We drove to a member nurse's house and she was able to "dress the wound" hehe. Sister Yi's finger is a little swollen today but it is much better and she is typing like normal. What a blessing! Her attitude was a great example to me :) I still have much to learn from her!
We have a busy week ahead of us and hopefully it will become busier with investigator lessons! Thank you all for being great :) You amaze me!
I love you,
Sister Barton :)

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