Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010 :)

Happy Summer!!!!!

Wow, what a week! I will recap each day a little bit. Last Monday after e-mailing, Sister Lavatai and I went to Sister Jenner's house (we live above the Jenner Jr.'s and the Jenner "Sr.'s" live about 30 minutes away...they are all some of my favorite people ever!). Sister Jenner took us to her lake and we spent some time with her at her house. It was really fun to go on a short adventure instead of spending the whole day writing letters, although that can be fun too. I also got a steak dinner for the second night in a row! Lucky me :)

Tuesday was a great day overall. Sis. L. and I went to Mattawa (about 45 minutes from North Bay) with Sister Etches from our ward to visit some inactive members. The first woman we visited was Madeline. She had a french accent. Sister Etches was frids with her when she was active in the church but hadn't visited her for years. Madeline told us how she had a stroke about four years ago. She has been going to church with her parents since then because she can't drive or anything. She was such a sweet lady. She wasn't very old. Anyway, Sis. L. and I sang her "I Need Thee Every Hour." She was crying. She said "Oh thank you so much. You are my angels. You make my day. That is my favorite song." Earlier that day we had prayed for angels to assist us. To know that we were someone else's angels is a miracle. I know that the Lord knows Madeline's heart and she will be blessed. We made two other visits to women and sang then songs as well. Music is an instrument of the Spirit and I am go grateful for it. It softens hearts like nothing else can. After Mattawa, we visited a man from our ward who was in the hospital because he broke his femur. He was doing really well and it was a delight to talk to him. We also taught Tracy before going home for the night.

Wednesday I had my first district meeting. It was in Sudbury, which is about an hour and a half west of North Bay. It was fun to see other missionaries. There are just four elders and my companionship in the district, so it's pretty small. We all went out to eat after and it was fun. We got to go to Institute that night because we had an investigator come as well. On our way into our apartment, Sister Jenner spoke to us outside her window and said to come in. We made fry bread...not the best thing to eat right before bed haha. But it was fun to spend a few minutes there.

Thursday it rained really hard for about an hour, which made the rest of the day really nice. We taughed Tracy and tracted for much of the day. We had two people say that we could come back. The miracle of the day was meeting Scott. We were tracting and Scott pulled up in his car and started walking to his house. He said hello to us and we told him we are missionaries. He practically said "Oh, awesome, come teach me now!" So we sat outside and taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel! It was so amazing. Definitely a miracle. We hope to teach him again soon.

Friday we visited a few members about thirty minutes away. One couple fed us lunch and I could hardly move after. She kept trying to give us more. Note to self: eat slower. We are going there again next week, so I will have to prepare myself haha. We met a woman named Angela that night as we tracted and she was so friendly. She already attends a Catholic church and wasn't really interested, but she kept chatting with us for a few minutes. Sis. L. and I sang her a hymn and she started crying. Then she told us to visit again sometime. I've been praying that the Lord will soften her heart :)

Saturday was a wonderful day. It was the first time we accomplished all of our goals as far as numbers go and we got 2 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!! We were able to teach a young girl named Tessie who we met Thursday night. She is 15 years old and said that she has never really gone to church. She prays every night! She was going to come to church yesterday, but didn't make it. We have an appointment with her on Friday, so I'm excited for that. As we tracted that night, we got a phone call from a member asking if we could come teach her boyfriend the second lesson. Sis. L. and her last companion already taught him about the Restoration in May. His name is Matt. He is very logical, so we spent a lot of the time answering his questions. It is a joy to teach the Gospel. It is intimidating at times, but those are the moments where I just testify.

Church was great yesterday. Tracy came and so did Jenn, our almost-investigator haha. We teach her for the first time Wednesday, but she has already had most of the missionary lessons. I taught the Gospel Principles class about Gifts of the Spirit. I am enjoying teaching because I've never had a calling as a teacher before.

This week is very busy. I have zone confence tomorrow so I will meet President Brower and his wife for the first time!!! I'm looking forward to it and to being spiritually uplifted. If anybody needs to e-mail me for any reason, just contact my mom. I cannot e-mail friends back, but if you put your address in your e-mail, I can write you a letter. I'm interested to see how many people are doing (like Aubrey and Kevin and your new BABY!!!!!). Anway, this Gospel of Jesus Christ is true! It is everything. It is the only way back to God! Without it we would not be on this earth. I love my Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost which guides me daily. I hope you have a wonderful week and remember that you are loved!!!

Sister Barton :)

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